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“Put your money where your mouth is, no one can take it away from you there.”

I would not be the woman I am today if I had not taken every opportunity to learn. In the academic world, I learned about great freedom of thought and action that I wouldn't want to miss in my life. And this principle has always guided my work in human resources development as well – I delight in people discovering their limits and pushing them further, when people gain freedom by learning something new.

For more than 25 years, I have been passing on my knowledge at the Wilhelm Büchner University in Darmstadt: there, I meet young people who are not satisfied with what they have learned in a first training, a first course of study. These students are all employed and downright hungry for education. “Intercultural Management” is the name of my teaching assignment there, and to this day I enjoy it very much.

Since I have been back in Berlin more, I have intensified my contacts with Humboldt University and ESCP Europe at the Berlin campus. At Humboldt University, I work closely with Rosmarie Schwartz-Jaroß and Dr. Doris Köhler from the Career Center. Together we are developing the event series My Way into Human Resources Management”, which is aimed at prospective executives in human resources management. For ESCP Europe at the Berlin Campus, I am active in an advisory and teaching capacity: Together with Jan Ehlers' team, we are building up and expanding the area of executive education. Among other things, I am a coach in the ESCP Diversity Program, test new webinar formats and support the entire program design as an Academic Advisor.

I owe my membership in the Ashridge Adjunct Coach Network, one of the most prestigious coaching networks in Europe, to my very esteemed alma mater in England, Ashridge Business School. We share supervision, train regularly, handle large and international coaching engagements, and engage in all aspects of coaching, whether in research, teaching, or practice.

At the end of 2022, I fulfilled a big dream and enrolled in Harvard Business School Executive Education. Negotiation and Competitive Decision Making” was the program of my choice (electronic certificate).

This was so much fun that it went right on to “Nudging to Shape Decisions – Behavioral Economics” at Chicago Booth Executive Education (electronic certificate).

And then there are my advisory board activities:

I was a member of the Board of Trustees for Humboldt University for five years. I also served on the University of Stuttgart Council for eight years. And finally, I have been a member of the advisory board of HTW Berlin's MBA program for many years. As an advisory board member or trustee, I try – together with other business representatives – to form the link between the university and business.

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Partners in the academic world

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Together we develop event series for future human resource managers at Humboldt University Berlin

At ESCP Europe at the Berlin campus, we jointly develop event series for prospective HR managers.

Wilhelm-Büchner University Darmstadt

Ashridge Business School