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Are you carrying out a restructuring? You need support for bad jobs? Are you looking for the right support for M&A/Change/Due Diligence projects?

It does not always make sense to resort to temporary staffing in such cases. I myself have often decided against it!

On the other hand – I have often experienced situations in which precisely the special challenge is to work through past mistakes and at the same time to already concretely plan and tackle the future.

In such situations it makes a lot of sense to involve me! Together with the local teams on both the employer and employee side, I take care of finding fair and socially acceptable solutions for difficult company situations. This makes it easier for the permanent management to focus on the real challenges – namely the strategic-tactical preparation for the future! – to focus on.

HR project management lives through discipline, structure and networking. I have been able to gather a lot of experience in this regard over the past decades. Many of my projects – especially the restructurings – are subject to confidentiality, but a selected example shall illustrate how I work.

Here are my references today

During my time at Bombardier Transportation, we successfully sold one of our plants. My role here was to lead the entire negotiation process with the employee representatives and to coordinate the various stakeholders with a view to closing the deal successfully and on time.

This included the Canadian owners as well as local political representatives, works councils and trade unionists, concerned citizens and, of course, the employees directly affected and their families. Communication to the public was also one of my tasks.

After the company management had initially decided to close the plant, we succeeded in finding an external investor in the course of talks. Some of the previous plant managers decided to carry out a management buyout, which we were very supportive of on the company side. After many intensive negotiations, which of course went through ups and downs, we were able to reach a very good deal on time and within budget, which also secured around 2/3 of the jobs concerned on a permanent basis. Today, the plant is successfully operating independently!

Relevant project experience over the last 10 years:

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With regard to the various, sometimes very large, restructurings that I have led over the years, I can only say this much: The employer side has always been surprised at the negotiating successes that are possible if both sides of industry only make a serious effort. And the works councils as well as the union representatives of the respective negotiating teams have always unanimously supported my continued appointment.

I don't think I need to say any more…