What makes my coaching special?

My entire professional life is determined by the part-time qualification: I started early, already in 1995, a distance learning program at the FernUni Hagen and graduated in 2000 with a diploma in economics.

As if that wasn't enough, from 2001-2004 I earned a doctorate in behavioral sciences. In 2010, I went to Ashridge Business School in England and earned a Master of Executive Coaching, simultaneously with my accreditation as an Ashridge Accredited Coach.

 Ashridge’s Code of Conduct for Coaches

Lifelong learning never stops: in 2021, I earned accreditation as a Senior Practitioner of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). The EMCC acts as the European umbrella organization for mentors and coaches and is committed to the comparability of quality standards.

 EMCC Global – The Global Code of Ethics

Ashridge Business School
EMCC Akkreditierung


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Here are my references today

I believe – not surprisingly – that people can achieve very, very much of what is really important to them if they firmly believe in it and work hard for it. But: I have also received the right support at key stages in my life. Whether from my partner, my mother, my professors, my friends – without support it just doesn't work.

The philosophy of coaching at Ashridge fits very well with this back story. “Relational coaching” refers to a coaching approach that places the trusting relationship between client and coach at the center of the work. Many studies demonstrate that it is this relationship that facilitates client behavior change. In the protected space of the coaching relationship, my clients try out new things and receive immediate feedback.

My almost 10 years of practice as a managing director and work director also gives my clients the certainty that I know their issues from my own experience and perspective. Many of my clients therefore also use me as a sparring partner and sounding board for their current business concerns.

And something else characterizes my work with my clients: through the management of employee relations in companies, the search for consensual solutions has become second nature to me. “Jerking” behavioral changes just don't work! People need individual support and guidance; blanket prescriptions are worthless.

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I support you in your company.

All my interventions are therefore based on the principles of mutual respect and appreciation. My clients find in me the advocate of their concerns and the space to formulate these concerns and translate them into action.

Issues in which I have specialized over the years:

  • New Placement for Senior Executives
  • Women in management positions
  • The first 100 days
  • 360° Feedbacks