Management consultancies are a dime a dozen, and many promise “the blue of the sky”. For many years, I myself was sorely tested by generations of management consultants who toured “my” companies and made us more work than they took away from us.

Nevertheless, there are situations in which an external view is useful and necessary: Particularly when preparing major corporate changes, internal management sometimes can no longer see the forest for the trees:

For example, you have conducted a process analysis and now want to restructure your organization according to the findings – increase management spans, reduce management levels, switch to agile methods?

You are planning a major restructuring and would like to combine various measures into a larger negotiation for this purpose?

You have gained insights about your company that require carefully planned and well-structured communication to employees as well as stakeholders (e.g. the public)?

You have the feeling that things could be done more efficiently in your company, but you can't really put your finger on the problem?

Are you planning larger management audits and would like to use scientifically validated, reputable procedures for this purpose?

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