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Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta

CEO DB Cargo & Member of the Board DB AG

Susanne Kortendick has been a companion for 20 years. As a personal coach, she was and is incredibly supportive for me. Consultants with their own experience in active management of companies are very valuable.

Alessandro Merlino

VP HR AmeriSource Bergen

I met Susanne in really turbulent times! Her openness, flexibility and transparency made it easy for me to quickly step into the most critical matters. I was more than happy to have her on my side!

Aline Seifert

CEO Alliance Healthcare Deutschland GmbH and Member of the Board of Directors GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH

Susanne Kortendick accompanied us as HR project manager through the integration phase with GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH. Her experience and creativity, but also her approachability to people make it easy to trust her. She is a real doer!

Bernd Laudahn

Head of Strategy & Innovation Philips Domestic Appliances

Susanne Kortendick helped me a lot in an executive coaching to find and readjust my inner compass. I appreciate her professional experience together with her humanity and empathy. She asks the right questions and gives the directional thought-provoking impulses in a very pleasant and trusting interaction.

Carrie Song

Neste Vice President Renewable Road Transport Americas

Enlightening and helping the leaders to be coached to explore and realize the underlying capabilities and skills they either possess or shall develop that truly drive the difference workplace. This is one of the great coaching strengths that Susanne is uniquely able to offer. Susanne is a talented and experienced executive coach. It has been so valuable and rewarding to get onto this coaching program with her. 

Carsten Domke

Partner CMS Hasche Sigle

I accompanied a complex integration project lasting several years with Susanne Kortendick after the takeover of a competitor. She quickly finds access to people, both on the employer and employee side. People trust her – and that quickly leads to creative solutions to problems. I look forward to the following projects with her!

Christian Amsinck

General Manager VME

Dr. Kortendick was a valued member of our Board for several years. During this time, she went through challenging times with her company, yet she always found the time and energy to commit to the association's work.

Dirk Flege

General Manager Allianz pro Schiene

Susanne Kortendick has accompanied the Pro-Rail Alliance on the board for many years. She was particularly passionate about founding and shaping the first women's network in the rail vehicle industry. The women's network has since become an integral part of our work and has once again made the rail vehicle industry much more colorful and attractive.

Dr. Alexander Wolff

Partner Baker & McKenzie

Susanne Kortendick has held responsible managing director positions on the side of several clients. I have always found her to be very reliable, authentic and consistently respectful in her day-to-day dealings, especially with representatives on the employee side. Together we have successfully completed very challenging projects, including a complex carve-out with extensive restructuring. Susanne Kortendick is an excellent negotiator. It is a pleasure to work with her!

Dr. Jörg Nikutta

Management spokesman Alstom Transport Deutschland GmbH

I know Susanne as a senior executive coach. She brings a great mix of sparring partner, emphatic ally and challenging designer. Not only is it fun to work with, the results are just right!

Dr. Karl Runge

Executive Board member Vossloh Group off-duty

Dr. Kortendick and I have been associated for more than 10 years. Both in individual conversations and in team situations, Dr. Kortendick understands how to bring out the best in people and groups with her coaching approach. That is a rare quality.

Dr. Lutz Bertling

OHB Group board member

During my time as CEO Bombardier Transportation, Susanne Kortendick was the Labor Director for Germany and at the same time Human Resources Manager for the Group's entire supply chain. She is an accomplished all-rounder to whom I was happy to entrust even difficult issues.

Frank Hurtmanns

General Manager LGAD

Dr. Kortendick was closely associated with us on the Board of Management for several years. With her integrative and emphatic manner, we were able to solve some difficult tariff issues for the wholesale trade in Bavaria.

Franz Xaver Schiller

Chairman of the General Works Council of METRO Deutschland GmbH, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of METRO Deutschland GmbH

I got to know Dr. Kortendick as Labor Director of METRO Deutschland GmbH. The company went through challenging times that demanded a lot from us as negotiating partners. Dr. Kortendick's negotiating principles were always respect and trust, which I greatly appreciated.

Germar Wacker

CEO Consumer Foods – Member of the Executive Board Bühler Group

Susanne Kortendick and I have worked closely and successfully together in leadership roles at Bombardier Transportation for several years. Her extensive experience as Labor Director was a key asset, especially in difficult business situations. This included her balanced and successful interaction with employee representatives, achieving many good things for the company. Susanne is always authentic, an experienced and decisive HR professional and strong business partner.

Heinz Siegmund

Member of the Executive Board for HR DB Fernverkehr

I got to know Susanne Kortendick as a young manager and HR manager. Her commitment, coupled with enormous joy in learning, impressed me even then.

Holger Ketz

CEO Deutschland Kühne & Nagel AG & Co. KG

I got to know Susanne Kortendick as a coach in the Top Management Development Program. She is a very pleasant and emphatic interlocutor, is very professional and brings a lot of experience from various fields. I felt in good hands at all times and am therefore very happy to recommend her.

Jordi Torren Edo

Head of Evaluation & Innovation Support Department, European Medicines Agency

Susanne was my management coach during the pandemic in 2021. She greatly helped me in my career progression at the European Medicines Agency providing excellent insight on my strengths and areas for improvement. From the first session we hit the ground running; in a daunting period of confinement I could openly and frankly discuss with her difficult choices to which we did find solutions together. Susanne helped me with specific management tools to reach consensus and solidify agreements. We discussed at length issues like the importance of gender equality and cultural differences at work. She also introduced me to the power of storytelling. Reflecting upon areas where my time was best spent in the last months, the coaching sessions would be at the top of the list.

Jürgen Kuper

General Manager Continental Europe AirBP

As an executive coach, Susanne Kortendick combines many years of practice as a managing director of large companies with in-depth coaching expertise. This allows her to quickly and comprehensively grasp operational conflicts and challenges. The resulting analyses, indications and questions open up excellent options for action both in business and in the personal environment.

Klaus Sauer

General Manager Purchasing & Supply Chain Metro Deutschland GmbH

I know Susanne Kortendick from her time as Labour Director at METRO Deutschland GmbH. Together we introduced professional performance management, which created a completely new and positive working atmosphere in purchasing. What I particularly appreciate about Susanne is her ability to deal with emotionally difficult situations in an emphatic and calm manner.

Manuela Fischer

HR Business Partner Industrial Germany, Ferrero MSC GmbH & Co. KG

I have experienced Susanne Kortendick in different roles – as a boss, as a labor director, as an outplacer and as a coach. She has high quality and performance expectations, but she encourages everyone who wants it. She is a great role model and a real inspiration!

Michael Clausecker

During my time as CEO of Bombardier Germany GmbH, Susanne Kortendick was Labor Director. It was a great collaboration, we were a super team. What I particularly like about working together is that Susanne isn't afraid to tackle even the most difficult issues in a smart and level-headed way. That simply makes for good results.

Michele Melchiorre

BMW Manufacturing Hungary KFT

Susanne Kortendick was my HR Business Partner for the Global Supply Chain at Bombardier Transportation. I got to know and appreciate her as an assertive personality who is always ready to tackle even uncomfortable issues. Thanks to her unconventional approaches to solving problems, we have successfully tackled a number of "hot potatoes" together for the company.

Nils Dammann

General Manager at Continental

Susanne Kortendick accompanied me wisely and empathetically in my career planning. Our collaboration gave me essential impulses for my next steps—and it was simply a pleasure.

Noleen McCloskey

HR Director Medicover Diagnostic Services (interim)

Susanne gave me excellent support as Interim HR Director Germany. I relied on her completely, and she dived straight into supporting our business. A trusted partner to not only get things done but also to offering her opinion, reflection and advise while always staying true and authentic. I would recommend Susanne without hesitation and know we will collaborate again in the future. 

Petra Angstmann

CHRO Wintershall AG

Susanne Kortendick is an experienced HR manager with both international and national experience. She has experienced everything there is to experience in an HR department and nothing can throw her off track so quickly. I would turn to her again and again in difficult times.

Prof. Dr. Corinna Salander

Leiterin Deutsches Zentrum für Schienenverkehrsforschung

Susanne Kortendick has been a friend and companion to me for almost 20 years. She has always understood what it means to be the first woman in relevant positions and she has always actively supported me and other women in making our way. She is a great role model!

Rolf Erfurt

Board member Operations BVG

I got to know Susanne Kortendick during the sale of a part of Bombardier Transportation Germany. By its very nature, this was a complex and difficult project that required a great deal of empathy and political skill. Obviously, we managed it well, because the successor organization is still successful on the market today!

Soogi Kang

Free Storyteller, Actress, Theater Educator

We got to know Susanne at Free Storytelling. With her openness and team spirit, she is a real asset – and she has what it takes to develop into a great storyteller.

Staffan Ternström

COO Medicover Diagnostic Services

Susanne has put our HR management on a completely new footing. She lives HR Business Partnering at the highest level and in a short time became a trusted advisor for the management. 

Thomas Storck


During my time as CEO of METRO Deutschland GmbH, Susanne Kortendick was Labor Director. Together, we introduced agile working to the company and put employer-employee relations on a completely new footing. Susanne is never too fine to roll up her sleeves and get to work, and at the same time she is a valued advisor and coach to business leaders.

Veronica Pountcheva

Global Director Corporate Responsibility METRO Group

Susanne involved herself personally into the topic of female leadership. She not only mentored our female leader network in Germany but actively strengthened and supported young female leaders in making her ways into the METRO Corporate world. She is a great role model!